Edit Voxel Models

Edit Voxel Models

Title description, Dec 7, 2017

To Add, Delete or Paint voxels inside of a model you must first enter into Edit Mode. To enter into Edit Mode, tap on a model inside of your scene. Once you tap on a model a context menu will appear above the model you have selected. The first option says Edit. Tap this button and you will enter into Edit Mode for that particular model.

Tools in Edit Mode

Title description, Sep 2, 2017

When you are in Edit Mode, you are provided with a set of tools that are different from when you are in World Mode. These tools allow you to add voxels, remove voxels, paint voxels and more. Here is a complete list of tools and functions you can access inside of Edit Mode:

  • Attach Voxels Tool
  • Erase Voxels Tool
  • Paint Voxels Tool
  • Fill Tool
  • Select Tool
  • Eyedropper Tool
  • Color Box
  • Slice Tool
  • Mirror Tool
  • Resize Tool
  • Camera Lock